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How on Earth?

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Weblog You wonder why the moon came close to make us extinct, I'll tell you what's going on with the Solar System. The Solar System is reacting to a bunch of radioactivity with the technology that we're setting forth. It's not a problem, though there's lots of it happening everywhere from canals to heating systems in cities and villages.

The thing about what this is is that the Solar System is involved with this tract that it's just a mere hiccup on Earth. The Earth is the father of the Sun, so the Sun is just a child while the moon is something else waiting for the Sun to evolve.

I won't go in detail what the moon is, because the moon is very critical when dealing with materials on Earth. But for the Sun, the Sun is a matter of waiting for it to... evolve. Yes, the Sun will become a planet one of these days because the moon will take over as a "sun." So, as you can tell, the only planets on our Solar System is the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. We might be expecting company when the day arrives for evolving matters.

But let's not go anywhere far from where we want to go. The matter of having other planets is having the dominant species in other planets to communicate with us. This will take some time before the evolving happens on the planet. By any chance, we can still wait until everything takes effect to head onto other planets and just get that tingling feeling that we are the masters of our planet, being that we are the Humans of our planet.

Kinda good, even though I never really thought about it like that. So, I'll see you guys next time around. Be safe.